Ocean Recovery
Conference 2022

An Online Conference

18-20 JANUARY 2022

The Organisers of the Coastal Futures and Restoring Estuarine and Coastal Habitats (REACH) conferences have joined together to develop a major online conference.
There will be 15 sessions & 6 keynotes covering a wide range of major themes that relate to the way we are intending to restore and recover our coastal and marine environment.

The aim of this conference is to:

  • Promote the main theme of Innovation to deliver Ocean Recovery.
  • Focus on exploring what we really want from our coastal and marine environment.
  • Brief the audience on a wide variety of the current programmes covering the coastal and marine community.

The conference will provide:

  • Strong perspective – from key stakeholders and industry leaders, who take a proactive approach to the sustainability agenda in the coastal and marine environment.
  • Overviews – from acknowledged experts in many subjects and leaders of major events.
  • Future trends – pointers to future areas of activity which will directly affect your work.
  • Networking via the online platform for the event.