Ocean Recovery
Conference 2021


9.30 - 9.55
Keynote - A Vision for UK Seas

Rebecca Pow, Ministerial Presentation, Defra
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Environment

Q&A with Chair Craig Bennett, CEO The Wildlife Trusts     

10.00 - 11.05
Session 1 - Coasts: Governance & Environment

Chair Amy Pryor – TEP & Coastal partnerships network

Coasts: Governance & Environment - Presentation 1
Driving coastal policy and recovery - the year of the coast

Mike Hill – MP – Chair of the Coastal All Party Parliamentary Group 

Coasts: Governance & Environment - Presentation 2
Learning from the Marine Pioneer

Aisling Lannin – MMO

Coasts: Governance & Environment - Presentation 3
The coastal based approach (CoBA) - collaborative partnerships to drive recovery

Natasha Bradshaw – UWE, Bristol 

Coasts: Governance & Environment - Presentation 4
Restoring the ocean to health - priorities and new opportunities

David Tudor – Blue Marine Foundation 

Coasts: Governance & Environment - Q&A


11.15 - 12.30
Session 2 - Youth Voices for the Ocean - What can we learn from the next generation

Chair:  Sean Clement, Marine Policy Officer, WWF-UK

Finlay Pringle – Ullapool Shark Ambassador & Climate Activist

Mhairi McCann – Founder and CEO, Youth STEM 2030

Eimear Stephenson

The crises in climate and nature have energised youth voices globally – Greta Thunberg spars on Twitter with POTUS, millions worldwide are marching for climate justice and a generation of empowered, socially and environmentally aware young people are calling for and taking action for a sustainable, socially just future for the world they stand to inherit.

Despite this, youth presence is largely absent from the ocean and climate space and their voice is absent from the discourse – this session offers a platform for their voices to be heard and their concerns and demands to be recognised by decision-makers.

13.00 - 14.10
Session 3 - Coastal Adaptation and the Climate Emergency

Chair Bill Parker – Coastal Management Champion

Coastal Adaptation and the Climate Emergency - Presentation 1
Coastal Resilience and the National Flood and Coastal Erosion risk Management Strategy

Catherine Wright – Environment Agency

Coastal Adaptation and the Climate Emergency - Presentation 2
The LGA Coastal Special Interest Groups work on Coastal Adaptation and Transition

Emily Cunningham – Lead Officer, Local Government Association
Coastal Special Interest Group, c/o South Tyneside Council

Coastal Adaptation and the Climate Emergency - Presentation 3
Managed Realignment the next 10 years: ambition and multiple benefits

Colin Scott – ABPmer

Coastal Adaptation and the Climate Emergency - Q&A

Panel Discussion

14.30 - 15.40
Session 4 - Coastal Restoration & Recovery at Scale

Chair Roger Proudfoot – Environment Agency

A systems approach to restoration, the Scheldte estuary as a case study - Presentation 1

Patrick Meire – University of Antwerp       

Progress with oyster restoration in the Dornoch Firth - Presentation 2

Dr Bill Sanderson – Heriot Watt University

Design & Development of Wallasea Island wild coast - Presentation 3

Malcolm Ausden – RSPB

Coastal Restoration & Recovery at Scale - Q&A

Panel Discussion

15.50 - 17.00
Session 5 - Finding Funds

Chair Andrew Sissons – Deputy Director for Innovative Funding and Finance, Environment Agency

Finding Funds - Presentation 1
Funding Collaboration

Louisa Hooper – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Finding Funds - Presentation 2
Why Sky set up a £25 million impact investment fund to find solutions to the Ocean plastic crisis

Jamie Roles – Head of Investment, SKY Ocean Ventures

Finding funds - Presentation 3
The Blue Impact Fund & Ocean Recovery Trust

Sean Clement – WWF & Alicia Gibson – Finance Earth

Finding Funds - Presentation 4
The Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund (SMEEF)

Sarah Brown – SMEEF Project Manager NatureScot

Finding Funds - Q&A

Panel Discussion 

17.10 - 17.40
Keynote 2 - UN Decade of Ecosystems Restoration

Leticia Carvalho – United Nations, Coordinator Marine and Freshwater Branch, Ecosystems Division

Q&A with chair Roger Proudfoot

Chair: Roger Proudfoot – Environment Agency